Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Shunting Engine
Built 1915
Class LBSCR E2
Physical attributes
Configuration 0-6-0
Tractive Effort 21,307 lbf
Weight 52 long tons

Creed was a dock tank who used to work at Dragons Wharf and was one of the first engines to arrive on the Waterdown Railway. Clay often talks about him and the days when he and Creed ran the line single handedly.


Creed helped Clay build most of the extensions on the Waterdown Railway. Afterwards he became a dock tank at Dragons Wharf as a shunting engine and was a natural story teller and shunter. When diesels started taking over he felt he had to go to extremes to prove a steam engines worth, unfortunately he went too far and worked himself to bits, everybody thout that Creed Was Cut up at Masanory bridge But that just wasnt the case Ince appeared to have hallutinations and memories so it is possible that creed was hidenn somwhere and is still alive .


Creed was a good natured and hard working engine who knew more about trucks than any other engine. He was a natural storyteller and enjoyed sharing them with his friends. However, he did wasn't always good with taking it easy as he worked himself to pieces to prove steam engines weren't useless.


Creed is painted in Southern Railway goods black.


Creed is based on the LBSCR E2 tank engine (without extended side tanks) number 2104. None of the real E2's survived into preservation.


Voice Actor

  • Joel: Nightmares only


  • His first speaking role was in 'Nightmares' as a ghost(hallutination)
  • .
  • Creed's basis is on the LB&SCR E2, which is the same basis for Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • There is a campaign society, however, aiming a goal to built a new E2 locomotive to run on heritage railways, and number it 110.


he was a millitary engine

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