Vital statistics
Gender Female
Position head shunter of Waterdown
Built January 1926
Class LNER J50
Status operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 0-6-0
Tractive Effort 23,636 lbf
Weight 56.3 long tons

Dawn Breaker, Dawn for short, is a small tank engine and is the head shunter at Waterdown.


Dawn use to work in a haurbour in the LNER in 1926 to 1933 with her younger brother Geoffrey sadly when the War broke out Dawn was sent to Waterdown in 1939 She was sad She Coudnt se Geoffrey but now she has good friends that care for her aldo nobody knew what happned to Geofrey nobody Really Knows If he was cut up but Geofrey was last seen in 1967


Being the head shunter of Waterdown, Dawn is an engine who is dedicated to her work and as a result, has gained the others trust of her judgment. Dawn a relatively friendly engine, if a bit stubborn at times, and is always willing to give advice when possible. She's also very nit-picky, clearly stating if something is not the way she wants it to be and as a result has a tendency to overthink her work, leading to maddening extremes. Dawn also hates lying and gets easily annoyed with the likes of Clay and Cojak.


Dawn is currently painted in LNER Apple Green.


Dawn is based on an LNER J50 0-6-0 tank engine. None of the real life engines have survived into preservation.



Voice Actor
  • Haydn: Public Enemy to From Dusk Until Dawn
  • Lorna: Rebel Iron onwards

  • Dawn's model shares the same chassis as Boxer, hence why the two of them are never seen together.
  • From Rebel Iron onwards, Dawn has cheek bones.