Ferrus was an old tank engine bulit in 1899 who used to work on the Masonry Bridge Railway. He was shortly lived on the Railway and had very little service which he blames on Atlas and Ember.

Ferrus was built as one of the original engines on the line. Being a large tank engine, he was favored for pulling passenger trains. After Ember and Atlas were completed, he was relegated to utility engine. Distraught at being relegated, his mood began to turn sour and he became more cynical. After he was placed in the workshops as a stationary boiler, he would always warn Atlas and Ember that their time would end soon. As steam ended on Masonry Bridge, he was taken to the workshops to be dismantled. In his final conversation with her, he wished before he was scrapped that he could see Ember cut up.
Ferrus is a spiteful, ill mannered tank engine who despises all other engines steam or diesel, particularly Atlas and Ember. This is due to the fact that they were far stronger and not that much heavier causing the Controller to retire Ferrus for use as a stationary boiler. When other engines get their comeuppance he takes glee. Despite this he was a hard worker and it was mainly the mistreatment by humans that lead him to such extreme forms of behaviour.
Ferrus is painted in GNR Green.
Ferrus is based on a GNR N2. Only one was preserved and is currently operational at the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire.


Voice Actor
  • Neil: Kindred Spirits only