Ince Castle

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Mainline Engine
Built August 1950
Class GWR 4073
Status operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 4-6-0
Tractive Effort 31,625 lbf
Weight 126 long tons

Ince Castle is a large mixed traffic engine with a tormented mind.


Ince Castle originally worked for the Great Western Railway before he was withdrawn and sent to Masonry Bridge Scrapyard. He originally planned to escape with a group of engines but was unable to help them out and barely escaped to the Waterdown Railway. After the traumatic escape which still haunted him, he vowed to never returned to another scrap yard again. He still would frequently have nightmares that would involve several engines visiting him in the scrapyard, with one of the engines usually being Creed. He managed to overcome some of his fears after freeing Zebedee from the workshop at Masonry Bridge scrapyard but still states that he more than likely will never get over what he had went through. He also was a firm supporter for Zebedee's plan to free Ember from Masonry Bridge Scrapyard, telling Zebedee to get her out 'by any means necessary'.


Castle is an engine with a heavy and dark history. He's aloof, mysterious and stoic, but is utterly terrifying as a result. He typically tends not to mingle with the other engines and can be very aggressive and rude as a result. As the only Great Western Engine on the Waterdown Railway, he carries grief and turmoil from his past. However at Masonry Bridge Scrapyard, it is shown that he does have a good side, and can even show a smile once in a while.


Ince Castle is currently painted in BR Brunswick Green.


Ince Castle is based on a GWR 4073 Castle Class. Only 8 of these engines have survived into preservation.


Voice Actor


  • The real Ince Castle locomotive was scrapped in June 1965.
  • Ince Castle has a small scar over his left eye, probably from his time in the scrapyard.
  • Ince Castle does have a small sense of humour which only comes out now and again, such as with his nickname of Captain Sunshine for Atlas.
  • Ince Castle originally had a different face in Public Enemy, but this was altered in the final cut because Haydn thought it made him look hideous.
  • In the SiF Christmas Speech 2016, it was revealed that Ince Castle mains as DV.a when the engines of Waterdown played Overwatch tournaments that year.