Killian Hardgraves is the owner of the Masonry Bridge Scrapyard and in charge of the scrappers torch on the Scrapyard.

Killian Hargraves was at one time a yardmaster on the Masonry Bridge line. Hardgraves' family, consisting of his wife and children was onboard Atlas' Expres train (The Last Express Train of Masonry Bridge) the night of the Tatlo-on-the-Green Rail Disaster. They were killed in the collision which angered and upset Hardgraves. Shortly after Atlas was taken by Levi to the Waterdown Railway, Hardgraves was given permission by the Masonry Bridge Controller to send Ember to the scrapyard, where he would hold her for 20 years, until one day where he would get his revenge.
Hardgraves is a rather cold man who is only driven by revenge. He particularly hates traitors and loathes steam engines especially after Ember caused the accident on the Masonry Bridge Railway. He is a particularly aggressive man and ever since the accident has little respect for other humans or engines. He lust for revenge puts anyone who got in his way at risk of being harmed, even for engines like Whistler.

Voice Actor
  • Louie: The Mail Bag Snag onwards


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