Mr. Theodore Traverse is a man who owns a business and works in the town of Waterdown. He is typically a customer of the railway but will be the person who most likely sues the railway.

Theodore Traverse was born into a wealthy family and is the grandson of the chief engineer of the Waterdown Railway. He is the owner of the Synergy Consortium and is one of the largest customers of the Waterdown Railway and also owns The Drains, the tunnel that goes underneath the town of Shadowlay.
Traverse typically has nack for complaining and will constantly sue the railway even at the smallest mishaps. He looks down on Steam Engines being used on Waterdown as he believes to look forward to Modernisation and will often specifically travel behind Diesel Locomotives. However after Boomer had a breakdown on one train and Atlas had to pull the train for the remaining journey, as a result Traverse invested in building an electric locomotive, Dev-Khan, which failed on a trial run, despite Traverse insisting Charles Crawfoots that it would be more reliable than Steam and Diesel. He typically has arguments will almost every person and engine on Waterdown and is typically quite selfish. Despite this Traverse is good at heart and will admit his mistakes, despite their being an argument beforehand.


Voice Actor
  • Daniel: Public Enemy onwards.