Thunder Ball

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Main Line Diesel
Built 1979
Class British Rail class 40(class 46 peek)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 1Co-Co1
Tractive Effort 52,000 lbf
Weight 133 long tons

Thunderball is a large diesel engine with three eyes who works on the mainline.


Thunderball who was originaly called Basil was bulit in Bristol,England,1979 he was bulit for transcondential passange services from 1979 to 1986 but he had a lot f mechanical problems and BR hated him but he still pulled goods trains from 1986 to 1989 and sadly Basil was sent to swindon scrapyard in August , 1990and was left there until 2001 but not all hope was lost for the type 4 finnaly in 2002 Charlel Crawfoots bougt him to work on the Waterdown railway everebody thinks he is a steam engine hater but he is friends with Zebedee ,Enid,Atlas,Ember and Cojak also the diesel twins most of the time hes nice.


Thunderball is a typical diesel engine. Always believing in diesels being superior to steam engines and show little or no sympathy to steam engines. However like many Diesels he never fails to embarrass himself and moans at the smallest of scrapes.


Thunderball is currently painted in British Railway Brunswick Green.


Thunderball is based off a British Rail Class 40.


Voice Actor


  • Unlike most diesels, Thunderball has 3 three eyes.
  • The model used for Thunderball is the same one that Daniel used in 'Merry Christmas, Thomas the Tank Engine' (Haydn borrowed it off him, as well as the Metrovic who only appeared for 3 seconds)