Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Masonry Bridge Scrapyard Shunter
Built 1952
Class BR Class 03
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 0-6-0
Tractive Effort

Whistler is a Class 03 diesel Shunter that works for Killian Hardgraves at the Masonry Bridge Scrapyard.


Whistler arrived on the Masonry Bridge Line when the line began to dieselize and was assigned as a shunter at Masonry Bridge station. Like many of the other diesels, he had grown hostile to steam engines after repeated attempts at disruption by Ember. Once steam had finally ended on the railway, he remained shunter of the Masonry Bridge, where he accepted a bribe from Levi to allow for Atlas to be moved to Waterdown. Some years afterward, he was transferred to the scrapyard, under his boss Killian Hargraves. Here, he made a living selling steam engines to other rail lines 'for a fair price'.


Whistler is a sneaky sort who is only driven by scrapping engines due to their cost. As a result he has earned displeasure with many engines who see him as a money making schemer. Despite this Whistler does have compassion towards engines such as Ember believing they deserve a second chance.


Whistler is painted blue with yellow warning signs.


Whistler is based on a British Rail Class 03 Shunter.


Voice Actor

  • Sam: Nightmares onwards.


  • Following the events of Rebel Iron, Whistler was most likely cut up by Hardgraves' gang for letting Ember escape.