Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Railway Flagship Engine, Callast Incline Banker
Built August 1944
Class BR Class Standard 9
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 2-10-0
Tractive Effort 39,667 lbf
Weight 139.2 long tons

Zebedee is a large goods engine who assists in banking over Callast Incline. He is also the spokesperson and flagship engine of the Waterdown Railway, and as such, is the leader of all the engines.


Zebedee was built in the time of the Second World War. During one period Zebedee was badly damaged and was upgraded from an 8F to a 9F. As the largest and most powerful engine on the railway, he is the spokesperson and leader of all the engines on the line. Although he tends to follow orders, he remains loyal to all the engines he serves, as was demonstrated when he and Boomer assisted Ember in escaping the Masonry Bridge scrapyard.


Zebedee is the leader of all the engines of Waterdown. Because of this Zebedee is a kind hearted and loyal engine who is friends with all engines of Waterdown, even Cojak. He even gets slightly well with Mr. Traverse. The only engine he has not got on well with is Whistler of Masonry Bridge Scrapyard.


Zebedee is currently painted in black with no stripes. He has a large white star painted on his tender.


Zebedee is based off a British Rail Standard Class 9F. However, According to Dev Khan, Zebedee used to be a Stanier 8F during the Second War.



Voice Actor
  • Haydn: Public Enemy only
  • Jake: Going Haywire onwards

  • Zebedee (along with Sherlock Hill) has had a model Change in Episode 4.
  • A possible sibling of Zebedee, Evening Star, can be seen on the back of Mr. Traverse's program in Kindred Spirits.